It is year 2030

It is year 2030 and I use NEX services, all my friends are using NEX, because NEX is not just an exchange - it’s a set of financial services with the most convenient and reliable usability. I pay my bills, make business transfers, subscribe to services, make micro payments. For my children, I have opened investment savings accounts that I will give them when they reach the age of majority. I actively manage my savings by choosing where and how my funds will be invested - I’m investing in shares and other securities. I hope to see this scenario in the future …

What features for NEX would I like to see in the future:

• Possibility to make micro payments. For example, we order a pizza with friends and we want to split the bill, but my friend does not use NEX. I send him a link (whatsapp, viber, email or just sms), he opens a link, installs an app and 10$ I owe him are credited to his new account.

• Lending feature. I have free 10neo, which will not be needed in the next 2 months – lend them (like in Poloniex, but with one click)

• Opportunity to invest in classical securities - shares, bonds, etc.

• Bank account functionality.

• Transferring the inheritance to another. None of us is immortal, so we should think about it too - if something happens to me, there’s a need for the simplest mechanism possible for my relatives to inherit my account. For example, my account has not been active for at least 900 days, smart contract automatically transfer all of my account content to multiple heirs.

• Hidden account balance - I do not want everyone to be able to track my account balance. I want to make payments, but I do not want the person who receives transfer to see how much money is in my wallet.

All of these steps should not be implemented immediately, it should be a gradual process of NEX organic growth.

Where do you see NEX? What features you would like to see in future?

English is not my first language, I hope everything written here is understandable :slight_smile:


Are some nice wishes but unfortunately sometimes not feasible. As a big problem I see your idea with the inheritance! This is regulated differently from country to country by law. Here in Germany, there is a succession, you should wish otherwise, you must either exclude someone from the heir and even then are from the original% still 25%. Or you make a testament . Well, it’s very complicated and extensive, you will not be able to do that globally.

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@canesin , @ethan , @clare wanted to ask you wether NEX is planning custodial services, for people who dont want to manage their private key. i mean, there should be both a DEX as well as custodial services on one platform. This would help NEX to grow by leaps and bound. This is better strategy going forward. Also, whether NEX needs different licences to maintain the Custody of the assets? and are you working in that direction.

Custodial services would be a good growth segment for the exchange in the near future. It can bring additional revenue to the company. This should be considered serioulsly.

Thanks for hearing me out. I am a partner in the growth story called NEX.


nice vision.

It is the year 2030, I am living off my NEX dividends and Profit