Is volume of 30million/day an aggressive goal to reach in 6 months?

I watched the interview of Founder Fabio with BlockchainBrad. He talked about the below volume targets after the nash exchange launch.
3Months volume: 1.6millon/day => 48million/month
6months volume: 35million/day => 1billion/month

He also mentioned these targets are difficult to achieve since wash trading will not be possible on regulated compliant exchanges and can be achieved with more Nash features (BTC and other major markets) in the next few months.

So I hope newbies in the nash community can avoid disappointment later by having realistic expectations on dividends by staking NEX tokens.

I want to know how other longterm NEX hodlers think about these targets?


I think the goals outlined by Fabio are pretty realistic. The more features introduced should bring more volume. This of course requires aggressive marketing to succeed.

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Crypto market is still in the bear season at the moment. It won’t be easy with new unregulated exchanges popping up everywhere but I trust the team will be able to achieve the vision they set forth. I am in it for the long haul so not concerned if we miss those numbers in the short term. :+1:

I actually think $1.6M/day trading is low, even for day 1 launch.

Just to use ETH for example: current price atm is $122/ETH. This would only require 13,122 units of ETH to be traded through the matching engine, and this is only one asset for trade. If you factor in the other assets we could be looking at the following scenario:

ETH $122 * 10K =$1.2M
NEO $8 * 50K=$400K
USDC $1 * 20K=$20K
OMG $1.13 * 20K=$22.6K
ETC $4.11 * 20K=$82.2K
BAT $0.12 * 20K=$2.4K
ZRX $0.22 * 20K=$4.4K

This would result in $1.7M/24hr trading volume which I consider very poor, but focus on the number of units traded; they’re all minuscule in comparison to what’s actively traded on the markets today (non-wash traded exchanges). These numbers are somewhat arbitrary, but we need to focus on what will drive liquidity to the exchange:

  • liquidity partners (Fabio said this in his BCB interview)/market makers
  • other financial partners that will be using the matching engine (remittance, payments, some fiat gateways that require trade of XYZ token)
  • professional trading tools that will require additional licensure

I think a key component will also be all the users here. There’s a wealth of talent, professional skill-set, and resources the community has at its disposal, and if we all chipped in to advance the Nash mission there will be great success. If you’re investing in NEX, just imagine it like an ESOP; that should give you all the motivation you need to help it grow.


You are right. The community will be a key component in making the exchange a success. Every one on here has a unique skill set that he or she can contribute to helping the project. The team will do their part but we have to do our part also. Like you said, by helping the Nash brand, we are indirectly increasing the value of our investment and dividend share.


If NASH can keep up adding high liquid pairs within the first 6 months and also onboard new legit projects that have high community interests. i dont see why we cant hit the target. once the bulls comes back, it will be a much higher volume than what we are talking now.


3 months for 1.6 million per day that is very difficult goal to achieve in bear market. if bear market continues for another 6 months my hope is only 10k/day in firstmonth and 30k to 50k per day in 3 to 6 months if the exchange has strong trading pairs. but if they can launch buy option for neo/eth through us dollar/euro i think 1.6 million is realistic target

I trust you will succeed