Is there an ETA on the listing of new pairs?

I was away for a while so I’m not really up to date…

Many community members are probably looking forward to adding new trading pairs, just like me. Is there any news about new pairs? Volume-wise Nash Exchange is not doing badly, but that is of course due to the trading competition. We will definitely need new pairs to get extra volume.


No ETA but my guess is they will be ready for the Nash League season 2, so in a couple of weeks.

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another alt coin next to neo would be great to enter the nash channel cheaply (neo cannot be divide)

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Great Idea

I understand there is a new listing procedure to be announced by @canesin and is ready.
Agreed, we need new projects and their communities coming to Nash. Letting them know that Nash is the best and safest place for those hodlers to trade and hodl

LTC would be nice: supported by most exchanges and super cheap fees.