Is Strike Global, a crypto payment solution, a competitor to Nash Link?

@canesin Jack Mallers, CEO of Zap, just today announced the launch of Strike Global, a crypto payment solution, based on the lightning network. The Tweet made quite some waves in the FinTwit Community. The way he describes his payment solution sounds to me very similar to Nash Link. Maybe the Nash Team should have a look at it.

Well, I can’t judge the technical solution, but I guess this guy knows how to advertise and land big deals. He’s partnered with Bittrex Global and will be launching in over 200 countries, will add support for USDT, USDC, EUR, GBP, CHF, and more… see the Medium article, which is linked in the tweet.


Maybe this is a great partnership opportunity. A non custodial exchange seems like a way better fit to me than a cex.

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