Is NEX undervalued?

As shared a few times here on the forums, it’s great to see the market take action with the latest developments (long overdue). I have been crunching some numbers, and I can’t help but think NEX is still undervalued. See the following:

Fee calculations are not official

I’m making a few assumptions here for some of the calculations: 24-month staking with maximum fees for L2 trading (.0025) and fiat ramps (1%); also trying to stay conservative with daily volume (~$3M/day). The monthly payout is based off 10,000 staked NEX.

NEX value is unique where you can roughly calculate ARR. Prior to the price jump in recent days, you could roughly calculate 3% ARR based on the volume generated from Nash League. With the new products coming soon, and a few more partners implementing the white-label products, it appears NEX value still has much growth ahead. I know the team will release official fee numbers when products go live, but just wanted to see if anyone else feels similarly?


1 partnership and the price hit nearly $2.50, just wait and see the end of the year when we got some momentum

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Just do what Elrond does: 100 days of partnership announcements :slight_smile:

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As long as Nash will have the same values like today, I will always accumulate & support & treasure.
Growth is going to be the inevitable result of the value provided.
I am inn for life :handshake: ( just keep the same attitude and values :hugs:)

I feel that anything less then 1000$ per NEX, is just not the right evaluation. ( the potential that I see in Nash is the most wildly beautiful one )
I just believe that people like Fabio and the team, deserve & will be rewarded with respect, love, money and internal peace, because they have done something extraordinary in their lives :handshake:
Happy to see people happy and active :partying_face:

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i guess it all depends on how to valuate a token.
In ordinary stock markets…specially in tech there is not so much about current numbers, but all about the future / potential…f.e. Tesla shares…if same would apply to NEX we would be on a complete other level of token price already. With current numbers i think the token value around 2.5 is about right.What makes it further a bit difficult is the reduced possibility to buy the token and the high spreads…so over all: HODL NEX for 5 years and we are in 3 to 4 digits (if they deliver) :wink:


Is it a partnership? Or a one way agreement? :innocent:

Could you please explain your questions? What is the difference between them?

I think one thing is for sure, this new strategy by Nash has added quite a bit more speculative value to Nex token.

yeah, let’s change every week of strategy. And in 6 weeks, we are on $ 126.