Is Nash will consider to raising capital from investors once again (Series B)?

We all know without profit from the exchange, Nash will need more money in the near future. Will you consider to make another another crowndfunding ?

The first 5 years are crucial for a fintech startup.

If you take a look at competitor like Coinbase, Robinhood and others. They all process with a multi series funding rounds.(Series A, B, etc…) to archive their goals.

These funding rounds provide investors the opportunity to invest cash in a Nash company in exchange for equity or partial ownership of that company.

As investor, i understand Nash need time and im ok with that, i play the long game with my investment. IMO, Nash will need a bigger team to archive all goals.(Legal, technical, business and marketing team)

What your vision about that @canesin @ethan @fabwa @LucianoEngel @Nathaniel


Basically nothing speaks against it. The company is a public limited company (has nothing to do with the token). New financing rounds are therefore not a problem. If the company is very successful, the company can even raise funds through an IPO