Is NASH trustless?

So NASH is a DEX, but how can I verify that?

I remember that in the white paper there were something about the matching engine fairness. Will it be possible to check the transactions done on NASH?

Will the code become opensource?

And will we have guidelines on how to get back our coins in case the exchange shuts down and or if NASH no longer exists?

I think all of that would get people to notice that NASH is not like other exchanges, and that it is in alignment with the crypto space, decentralized, trustless, permissionless.

very good questions.
First of all, the matching engine/nodes do not store funds, they can only trigger a set transaction or not. So if there would be a hack, the only thing that can be done is executing the trade. The funds in trading are simply put on smart contracts. The team is working on a tool to extract these funds back even in the case of Nash as a exchange being unreachable.

I already said a few times in the telegram group and this forum that i find it very important that nash makes haste with these tools, as i find them just as important as bitcoin implementation or perhaps even more important. To be fully non-custodial, people need access to their funds no matter from where, without the need to use Nash. The same problem goes for the Pas phrase that nash gives you, there isn’t a good trustable tool out there that can extract individual eth/btc/neo private keys from the nash pass phrase. I hope this also arrives soon.
With access to those two tools, the exchange becomes fully non-custodial.

When you have no open trades, the funds are stored on your own keys/own wallets. Those funds can be seen using Nash, but you can also export the private key per blockchain (neo/eth/btc) and import those keys in other wallets of your choice.

Unfortunately i have not seen any code to verify the claims of Nash to be non-custodial. However since they praise their matching engine to heavens and claimed to wanting to be the fastest exchange ever, i dont know if they would give access to that code, to prevent copycats. In that case, perhaps a audit can be considered with the report made public, by a trustworthy third party business with a good reputation.

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While i would like to see that problem solved, do note that if you save your individual keys, you have no need for a tool to extract keys from the nash pass phrase.

Yes NASH already guives you the private keys, which is very good for a DEX!