Is Nash looking forward to introduce Margin trading system too in future

Is Nash looking forward to introduce Margin or leverage trading system too in future like bitmex. The reason i ask is during bull market Nash will definitely get Market and Volume on exchange if it offer good features which it does. but once bull market ends and we go into bear market that is where most of exchanges get hit but if i see exchanges with margin or leverage trading easily survives.

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thanks bro…thats great

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That’s cute…but let see if ‘we’ are able to launch first :woozy_face:

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Thank you. But please tell the nash exchange launch date

“Considering all these scenarios…”: We communicated to our community the developments concluded and started in Q1 2019 at our report event in London . This included stating that the MVP (which is internally defined as funds management + exchange + fiat on/off system) is expected to be publicly available in less than one quarter (three months). When the exact date is known it will be announced and promoted publicly."

Great point about the bear market trading