Is it time to publish a roadmap and stick to it ? [edited]

I am feeling that the development speed is very slow. Equilibrium beta testing is still running. It will again start on 17 May. Many features like Staking, Transfers outside the system are still not tested. This speed not acceptable in crypto. Exchange release date already extended many times. Considering all these scenarios, Its seems like we are not releasing 31 May 2019.


not a useful post, i wish nash team comes up with a thumbs down button to flag these posts. If you don’t like how the project is moving, why don’t you consider selling and moving along?


Which crypto project even has a working product? Every project is still developing and only a very few have a working product. It’s not like crypto developing has to be faster than any other industry. To do something good, you need to put time and effort into it.


Nash team work dealy. Out of roadmap. I think project value going down. Reason is development speed slow

I don’t think the project value is dropping. Developing an Exchange means a huge amount of work and I am convinced that everyone in the team spends 1000% of their energy on it. There is nothing to launch a product that might not be perfect yet.


Hi @rachit100798!

Our development speed is very fast. In fact, it is surprisingly fast, given the outstanding quality of our code, as judged by the experienced software developers who’ve looked into our code base (this is quite a lot of people, what with all the security reviews we’ve done).

Yes, Equilibrium is still running. The last phase opens at the end of the day on 17 May (this Friday) and the exchange beta program finishes on Friday, 24 May.

Features like staking will not be present in the beta not because we aren’t testing them but because we are satisfied with the user experience for these features. As we have stated multiple times, our betas are focused on user-centred design. What we’re investigating are behavioral changes in the product that can improve its fit for intended users. The MVP product that will go live is considerable larger than the betas.

Regarding your comment that the “exchange release date already extended many times” – the date for public availability of our MVP exchange has never been announced or promoted, so this could not be further from the truth. As we communicated at our anniversary in October 2018, we undertook a major architectural change to the matching engine, which we decided was better to implement before making the product live. As a result, our 2018 public roadmap was extended and, going forward, we will not have public roadmaps. This is how most reputable software companies operate.

“Considering all these scenarios…”: We communicated to our community the developments concluded and started in Q1 2019 at our report event in London. This included stating that the MVP (which is internally defined as funds management + exchange + fiat on/off system) is expected to be publicly available in less than quarters one quarter (three months) [see edit notice, we however are confident to deliver in substantial less time than 2 quarters, closely matching the original time expectations of this post]. When the exact date is known it will be announced and promoted publicly. I don’t know where you took the 31 May date from, but it is not official. If you want to be aware of our developments, I invite you to attend our quarterly events digitally or in person. Every quarter the team holds an investor relations meeting, which has proven an extremely successful way of interacting with our community.

Finally, your title has been edited. Whether someone has waited long enough or not is their personal bias, and you cannot speak on behalf of the whole community. Whether we should have a public roadmap or not is a decision of board, and Nash is a privately held company. Please frame your personal opinions as they are: personal.

[EDIT] This was edited for consistency (as communicated by some users) with what is actually said on Q1 video: