Is it possible to stake coins such as ADA, TEZOS etc. on a Dex?

I know they are offering these on CEX already and I think it will drive many new customers but having it decentralized would be a Killer feature in my opinion.

Can someone shine some light on this topic - Is it possible to stake ADA (or others) on Nash?
I think it would be a nice source of income for Nash as well.

The claiming/staking happens on that specific blockchain. Claiming NEO GAS has been added to the Nash App, but it does not generate extra income/fees for Nash.

But it would be really nice to have all staking and claiming options per blockchain on Nash.

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Yes, but would Nash need to create a pool for people to be able to stake ADA? Interested in how this is done from a technical standpoint?!

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Waiting for Goguen mainnet to be able to start to work on those things :stuck_out_tongue:.


Tezos, Algorand, are on their mainnet . Both are on coinbase pro too.
Tezos has one of the biggest community.


This excites me much :smiley: