Is it not possible to deposit and withdraw through the API?

Looking through the API documentation I cannot find any functions to move funds between my wallet addresses and the smart contract. Deposits and withdrawals are referred to as “movements” and there are several functions related to this, get_movement(id), get_orders_for_movement(unit) and list_movements(currency, status, type). None of these functions seems to allow to initiate a movement however. Am I missing something or is this fundamental functionality not exposed through the API?

@canesin, maybe you could respond to this?

I would like to add nash to my arbitrage network but right now I can’t because the API does not allow me to move funds around. I guess it is possible to move funds in and out of the smart contract using blockchain interfaces like neo-cli, but this is not very user friendly. Switcheo’s API has deposits and withdrawal functionality and so has every CEX which I am familiar with. Therefore I don’t see why this part is omitted from nash’s API.


Deposit and withdraw you mean Personal <> Trading ? I don’t believe that is exposed in the API. There is additional complexity due to the need to sync the channels when doing the withdraw, so is not a straightforward API but we could add.

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Yes, that is what I mean. I did not realize that Nash’s state channel approach makes this part less trivial than with switcheo. However I think this is fundamental functionality for API trading so please do add it when you see the chance. Btw, it looks like there is already an API call available to synchronize the state channels called sync_states.

The API is exactly the same we use in the product :smiley: … so all primitives are there, but on the withdraw/deposit there is quite a bit of client code on the transfer component.

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