IP and Account restrictions

I am wondering why nash is that strict regarding multiple account creations and accounts with the same IP address.

1. Account restriction
We are not allowed to create multiple accounts. Why is that? I have my main account holding most of my assets and is for staking NEX. But I also want to start trading (bot). This I do not want to do with my main account because I have to give the bot my login credentials and also I have to disable 2FA currently for that.
This is a no-go for me and prevents me from starting to trade. Please let us create multiple accounts for different purposes. I can do the same with banks or other regulated environments. Why not with nash?

2. IP restriction
My father and my mother both have a nash account. Both live in the same home, using the same PC. They just want to do a small buy here or a small trade there nothing big. But now they got locked out due to IP restrictions. Why are 2 people with the same IP not allowed to use nash? How can I explain this to my parents. They can use any bank login or broker login without these restrictions. Why not nash? Now their accounts are locked and they have to do KYC. For a few hundreds bucks of assets. They are not really motivated to use nash anymore.

Also my girlfriend has a nash account as well and wants to use it. But she lives together with me ergo uses the same IP. To prevent getting her locked out she uses a mobile hotspot only for logging in to nash. What kind of user friendliness is this?

Are these limitations because of regulations? Or are there other reasons for that? Can someone explain this to me?
I do absolutely not understand those strict requirements.


  1. We are working on a better solution for that, decentralized API keys, you will be able to not use the login credentials for the bot.

  2. We are looking into it. That is a restriction to avoid the no-KYC tier abuse. For now is better to recommend that they use different devices, such as their mobile.

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The problem is they are already locked out. Support says they have to pass KYC now to use nash again. This is something they do not want to do. Is there a way to reactivate their account?
Do I understand correctly, using different devices but the same IP does not lead to locked accounts?

I think Fabio meant that if they use their phone’s internet connection, that will have it’s own ip address and should let them use Nash without doing KYC