IP address banned?

(Low Ri Da) #1

Dear Nash Team!
I received your email with the Equilibrium login code. Just now I wanted to try it out. All I got was a rather disturbing screen about my IP address being banned. See Screenshot:

So far I’ve been a valuable member of this community. So I guess this is some kind of strange mistake. There is absolutely no reason to ban me! Please fix this and try to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Thanks!

(Laurens) #2

everyone has this. The beta was closed some hours ago and will reopen soon. Nothing to worry about. See feedback threads.

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(Frenk) #3

Because the bETA is closed untill reopened today everybody sees this message. Just wait for Fabio to re-open today until then just READ the treaths its all very clear!

(Low Ri Da) #4

Thanks for the info. In this case I would ask the team to definitely change the message from “You have been banned” to something like “Currently not available” or “Beta opening again soon”. This is important, nobody wants to get a “you’re banned” message!

Register a Equilibrium account with the invitation link that nash send to me, doesn´t work! what can i do?
(Njb) #5

Same issue.

(Nash101) #6

Sorry to tell you this, but we are such a small circle of testers and these “issues” are all clarified several times in this forum. At least try to look up for keywords like “issue” or “banned”. You would have find it already.

(Luciusfang) #7

I have the same issue as well, when is this expected to be solved?

(Nash101) #8

There is nothing to resolve or so. They just simply took equilibrium off for maintenance. Now it’s up again.

(Cammofunk) #9

I’m still getting the error

(Rory) #10

There is no error, the beta is closed. When it reopens you will have to recreate an account and start again.

(Cryptomoneymaker) #11

it works for me when i put only the refcode from the link in the box on https://equilibrium.nash.io/create-account/personal-details