.IO is not what a global player needs!

I am pretty happy with the new name nash for our exchange. But guys, nash.io is not the domain we need to maximize traffic and user acceptance! We need nash.com for sure!!
Please make this possible.

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I agree, we need .com , no one will take a financial platform seriously with .io !

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whats that current tutorial in nash.io?

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my friends @NEX_HODL and @Kwicks the .com is not famous in 2030


Are you kidding?

Not kidding I am very serious, even .com was ridiculous in first place now we have .net .tv, .network and there is no problem at all with .io ,in fact it is the best of all; you should read the below links;


I also agree that .com would be nice. If possible even use .com and .io to bring to the same website.


yes, it would be best if we would use .com and .io and then bring us to the same page


I agree they can register both .io and .com as both are important

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.io is the new tech domain.

Funny to see quite a few old world, change-resistant people in this industry of revolution/evolution.

.com while still the norm is quite difficult to obtain in this day and age. The quicker we move on with these changes, the better.

We need less unproductive complaining from the community.


They should obtain the .com domain though. So they can re-direct people to the .io site. Many people are still familiar with .com than .io


Absolutely in agreement with @Peter and @DeadPool_56

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I’ve noticed there often exists a tipping point in communities. I joined the Antshares community on reddit when it had ~200 members. The feeling was very similar to this community right now. There were a couple helpful people here and there (shout out to /u/fabwa!), but it was, for the most part, a cesspool of complaining and ‘when moon’ comments. It wasn’t until subscribership really began building that more dedicated, enthusiastic, and smarter people began posting and building the community.

I’ve certainly noticed a handful of individuals here who are willing to help out and critically consider NEX and its place in the cryptosphere, but I get disheartened when I see a flood of negative comments regarding decisions the company makes. I truly hope it’s not deterring users from joining, and I look forward to the day we hit the five digit numbers of active users here.


Here’s all the info I could find on nash.com

There’s a phone number attached to that document so should be easy to contact the owner. I think Nash team should definitely spend some money on acquiring this domain and then redirect incoming users to the .io site. I know the money could be spent on licenses and what not but if Nash ever becomes big, it’d be very bad if the owner of the .com domain makes a phishing site. I know .com is kind of an old dinosaur but there’s no denying that it’s the most popular domain type.

Besides, currently nash.com is an empty website and has been for many years (According to wayback machine) so I don’t see why the owner wouldn’t just sell it to us.

  • Like all other name considerations (including previous Neon Exchange) we did brand consultation both in terms of handles availability and legal status.

  • We hired a professional to look for the domains and handle anonymous negotiations of all the major name possibilities and spent approximate $29k to acquire the .io domain. Unfortunately the .com owner has it for a long time and was not interested in any offer. If misused we will pursue available mechanisms.

  • All 4 letters .com domains are already registered.


Don’t you think this will have an impact with mass adoption?
Older people and people who are not so familiar with other domains other than “gov,net,com” might not think so well of .io.

Lots of tech companies use an .io as there domain. Because .io is more and more popular it is even good for SEO (to be found on google for example).

Alex you are mostly correct, mostly because we are also owners of nesh.io


One thing is for sure, it’s way easier to type in your URL bar than neonexchange.org.