Invalid referral code. Please check your code and try again

(Chctrader) #1

Anyone can help me?
I did post a lot this link to my friend. They can’t Sing up.
After that,
some of my friends use other link form telegram but not mine
some of my friends lost attention.


(Slowwalker) #2

Sounds like you did what I did. You have to login first using the original code, creating an account then generate your own code

(Vaugrin) #3

I did the same. Luckily a family member made an account with the initial code, so I just used their referral code to make an account.

(Dead Pool 56) #4

You have to first click on the link you received in your private message. Then create an account. Your referral code will then show up in the account you just created. Give that referral code to friends and family.


So what if the original code now displays as invalid? Do we use someone else’s code to register an account and generate a new code to share?

(Matt J) #6

Is there a way to generate a new seed code? I myself, like many other started sharing the referral code on social media the second I got it and stupidly didn’t read the email instructions.

Maybe I shouldn’t ‘trust myself’ after all

(Nex To Moon) #7

may be you can try this link: