Introduction to the Ela-community

(Nickstar007) #1

Hey guys,

First off, congratulations to the team for their accomplishments in 2018, it really looks like all the hard work will start to pay off shortly. I’ve just finished watching the Q1 presentation, leaving me confident that 2019 will be an amazing year NEX. Being a ICO-contributor myself, i’m sorry I couldn’t make it to Amsterdam yesterday.

The main reason for this post is, however, to see if there could be a business opportunity for NEX in the trouble the Elastos-community is currently experiencing in finding market-exposure for their token, leading up to liquidity-problems. Being part of both the NEX and Ela-community, i feel there could be an opportunity where both projects would benefit from each other. Therefor, I would like the team to take into consideration a listing of ELA in the early stages of developtment for NEX. Now, i’m not a moonboy, nor am I requesting that they would list ELA right off the bat. I’m much aware of the roadmap, and agree that listings for the bigger projects must have priority for the viablity of the exchange. However, I do think that an ELA-listing could benefit NEX as much as it will ELA. Let me state my case.

1.) NEX will need a loyal user-base
Being a newly developted decentralised exchange, having enough liquidity is key for NEX to get off it’s feet. Having little serious alternative markets to trade, the Elastos-community could provide a loyal user-base for the exchange. Furthermore, i’ve noticed that the majority of the ELA-community have a diversified portfolio, creating potential liquidity for other projects on NEX as well.

2). The ELA-community has some tech-savvy members
Not being that tech-savvy myself, i must say that it’s pretty easy to amaze me with your technical know-how. Nonetheless, there are some people contributing to the ELA-project that I hold in especially high regards, such as Jimmy Lipham and Coranos2. As I know Fabio and the COZ-team also know their stuff, I feel a warm relationship between both projects couldn’t hurt further developtment.

3). Elastos does have future price-potential
Obviously, being an investor in the project this is solely my own opinion (and no financial advice :wink: ). However, i do think Elastos is a legit project. Especially on the technical part they seem to have made some impressive progress in 2018. As Lipham’s tutorial on his crawler let me to believe, there’s merit in their claim of having shipped massive amounts of tv-boxes, laying the foundations for a decentralised p2p-network. Furthermore, Lipham seems to be making progress on the developtment of his peerjet/kodi-applications, utilising the network.

Well, that’s about all I have. I’m known for my long posts, and this one does not dissappoint i guess. I’ve created a post on the Elastos-subreddit to see how other community-members feel about trading ELA on NEX.

With kind regards,


NB: since you need 1 NEX to activate your account on here, i’ve made a small amount of NEX available for others, so they can express themselves on this forum as well.

(Justus) #2

Altough I don’t like posts about listing specific coins/tokens (for obvious reasons), I would support this one.
ELA is at least a promising project and is listed only on a few exchanges until now. Speaking from my own perspective, I don’t own any ELA and yet thought about buying some multiple times. I assume there are others like me who are just waiting for a good exchange to get involved. In this case the listing would bring customers just because of little alternatives.
kind regards, JustUS

(Blocks Party) #3

Couldn’t agree more, NEX and Ela have the best communities in the space that I’ve encountered! :slight_smile:

(Nickstar007) #4

On second thought, i don’t know the regulations for giving away registered securities to people on the internet. Instead, I will provide the link to the subreddit i’ve created for a possible future collaboration between NEX/ELA

(FCC) #5

@Nickstar007 I personally have always had a good relationship with Elastos people, only had small conversations with Chen in mid-2017 and he was always a gentleman. Nash will publish a workflow for listing new tokens and chains on DevCon, when we do so I hope that Elastos works with us to make this a possibility.