Interesting read. 0x market maker program to address low liquidity

Just read this article about 0x launching a market maker program:

I want to be clear, I’m not invested in 0x; In fact I have no interest in the token due to it being a governance token (with no intention to return trading fees to investors).

In my experience, 0x relayers are slow and cumbersome to use, having to wrap your ETH before trading and unwrapping to access your ETH. It’s too much for the average person but I admit that I do not know enough about the 0x ecosystem due to being immediately put off by the UX and low liquidity.

I believe NEX won’t have as much problem in the UX department but drawing attention and market makers will still be a challenge. (I’m aware of Zero market maker fees, liqudity sharing, dividends and referral programs to help in this arena)

In your opinion, how would you compare and contrast the 0x and NEX ecosystems? Why will NEX succeed where 0x is struggling? I have my own thoughts but would love to hear from the community. In fact, we could do a compare and contrast series between other Decentralised and Centralised exchanges to better educate the community.


This is what worries me most. Many exchanges struggle with liquidity. Coming from the ecommerce realm (Rebelsmarket) I know how tough & expensive it is to create branding & acquire the right audience. I hope they dont rely solely on their current community to create buzz for Nash. I think researching how binance did it would be a good start despite their audience being much more on the gambling side.

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