Interesting article on the rise of security tokens and exchanges that aim to provide it

(Tangavae) #1

Hello all!

I wanted to share an interesting article on the rise of security token and exchanges that will support it.

From what i understood, the rise of those crypto tokens that are regulated under security laws is a huge deal and a race to offer them to trade is held between several players, both from the crypto and the non crypto world.

The article oddly doesn’t mention NEX and I was wondering: are we competing in this race, with BAKKT, SIX, COINBASE and those other big banks ans exchanges or did I just not get it exactly?

As I see it I’m very excited to see that crypto-securities really seem to be the future, and I’m so glad I got onboard with you guys!

What are your thoughts about this? I hope you’ll find it as interesting as I did


(Crypto King) #2

Indeed @Tangavae security tokens will be the next big thing in this crypto space. Some already talking about SECURITY TOKEN OFFERING. Whao from Initial Coin Offering to Security token Offering. SECURITY TOKEN is indeeed what will bring people into crypto.

(Sean D) #3

Security Tokens is definitely whats going to take crypto into the big leagues.

I think people are starting to realize that utility tokens are mostly speculation and an easy way for startups to raise capital without going through the proper hurdles. Security tokens on the other hand should be priced on the actual performance of the company and the dividends they pay. Security tokens should have less volatility and a more stable source of value.

Really glad to see NEX leading this space and very excited for the future.

(Bunder) #4

Thanks for sharing.

-bunder :nex_logo: