Insurance & P2P lending/borrowing within nash

When I think about nash as an alternative to bank solutions and a one-stop platform for crypto I believe insurance and P2P lending is also one part of that. The growth rate and adoption of these services are accelerating. I think eventually the winner who gets the most market share will eventually offer all services within one single platform.

Do you consider adding “insurance marketplace” and “P2P lending/borrowing marketplace” to nash? I believe it would definitely help with user retention and lower the churn. It would build on the emerging nash ecosystem. As a user, I do not want to use 5+ services one for insurance, one for lending, one for exchanging and one wallet with perfect security.

In the EU all the bank deposits must be insured up to 100 000 EUR. I guess something like Nexus Mutu insurance services could be offered within nash to further guarantee the safety and security.

I think establishing the marketplaces and integrating with the key-players early on would drive the adoption of nash.

That will surely be the process. if not for nash then for others. smart contracs are perfect for this. Also for the entire state financial system (bills, taxes, etc.), you only consider what advantages it would have to run bills / or you would run the accounting on a blockchain

According to the “Deutsche Bank”, the crypto adaptation will take place on almost all levels by 2030.
the largest bank in the netherlands (ING) is also busy with it. here are some great numbers from ING