Institutional custody service offering? Nash Custodial?

Haven’t been keeping up with the developments, so it might already be in play. Just throwing ideas around.

Seems like a lot of institutions are seeking or relying on institutional custody partners. I know Nash principle is “non-custodial” but maybe there’s an opportunity here to have Nash manage custody with its wallet and integrated exchange or provide maybe some kind of partnership service with support for custody? They might even use the exchange! :stuck_out_tongue:


With Nash developing MPC wallets it is possible to have many new services, one of which could be semi-custodial approach where you entrust a limited access to your account (or funds) to a 3rd party that manages those funds for you by the terms stated in the smart contract.


Institutions dealing with crypto looking for ‘custody’ soulutions likely mean they look for ‘key management’ soulutions. Unbound for example is also leveraging sMPC for that purpose. On their marketing website they refer to FIPS 140 certification. Guess Nash could also persue similar direction. Although I believe Nash is brining this tech to retail key management wich might bring up different challenges and direction.

I’m curious what the differences would be between institutional- and retail sMPC.