Insentive to use nash exchange / new listenings

Hi Community and Team

Congratulation for listening Quant.

I just joined there telegramm and had the impression it is a pretty cool community as well. I realized that it would be probabely a nice thing if we could give the community of the listened project a kind of incentive to motivate them to use our exchange. For example I think nash will make official announcements about new listenings and having liquidity providers on. Why not give a link in the announcement to subsribe on nash. (f.x. and then make a trading competition like for 30 days. The top 10 traders after 30 days who joined the competition through the link will win an amount X of nex token.

This would give a bunch of advantages:

  1. new users
  2. Volume (hopefully they will recongnize how good nash is and stay here after the 30 days.)
  3. New “Investors” who can stake the tokens they won and now have as well an interest in a good volume on nash.

this is just a spontaneous idea…just thought to write it down before I forget about it…feel free to delete the topic, if it is stupide :slight_smile:


it’s “listing”, “listed”

I love the idea of a trading competition! Wonder what the Nash team thinks about it?

thanks…damn…my english…:frowning:

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I think a trading competition is a good idea in general, as it primarily attracts bot traders. Maybe they stick around afterwards and become long-term customers after they use the exchange.

Problem is somebody has to pay for the prize that goes to the winners. As far as individual projects and competitions, that comes down to what Nash and the project can agree on, and I don’t expect to hear anything about that until it’s already agreed and announced.


Competitions on other exchanges are always won by exchanges themselves (because they cheat). That why I really don’t understand how Nash will do it WITHOUT cheating (and it won’t).

Somebody would actually have to provide a purse for the winners.


I’m just brainstorming here but what do we think about a community funded purse? Decide on a goal number of NEX (how much of a prize pool do we need to get attention of new users), set up an address for donations, if say within 7 days the goal is met the trading competition is a go, if the goal is not met all donations returned to their originating address.

I don’t know how many community members would be willing to donate, but I think it would be an interesting way to advertise and drive new users.

price could be ~50% of the revenue, that way nash will not loose anything from reserve. I believe this was already mentioned by Fabio ( staking rewards shared with invited traders… )