India and South Korea

Both India and South Korea have recently updated rulings for exchanges and fiat to crypto exchange. What’s Nash’s current legal status in both of these countries and will Nash’s upcoming native fiat on-ramp be supported in these markets?

In India there is still no regulation and the status of crypto is in limbo, i.e. neither illegal nor legal.

The SC has just asked the central bank to remove the ban which it had imposed on the crypto firms with respect to fiat on ramps and off ramps.

So theoretically Nash can operate in India with a fiat ramp without doing anything illegal?

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Yes I suppose thats right. Still will have to consult lawyers.

I have so much faith in the team that they will act upon this news and do what is right for the company to grow and expand to greatness

There was a list of US states which Nash has/is working on permits for is there also a list for international jurisdictions?

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Based on the above Japan, South-Korea and Hong Kong make up for ~64% of non-wash traded daily volume (~$1 billion 24hr according to BTI) that’s a huge part of the market we’re missing out on. The teams initial focus was Europe and the US, has the team reached a point where they’ve started legal proceedings for Asia yet?