Increasing the volume

Hello my fellow nash hodlers,

I have been reading this forum since the begining, but until now I have not contributed.
I am looking at the nash volume and for some time have been noticing that most pairs are just untradable, partialy also due to obscurity of some coins that are listed.
This got me thinking. I am all for listing coins that other exchanges overlook. This modus operandi got binance the volume they have today. However we as a community should try to find and bring to attention certain projects that are maybe under the radar but have huge potential. Perhaps have a system of voting implemented on a regular basis.
I personally have found one such project that has relatively small volumes and MC, but is getting real world adoptiom that dwarfs similiar projects with 20x bigger both volumes and MC. Since it lacks listing on amy of top 5 exchanges Nash could have first mover advanted when it comes to such a project.
Project I found is called OriginTrail with the ticker TRAC. What I found particulary interesting is the fact that it is being adopted by 1.3trill industry and pushed by BSI which by itself is huge, however by the end of this month their app called nOS, made for the clients will work in a way that the clients will be using fiat while the app will be market buying (converting) it to TRAC to be used up by the network. Clients won’t even know or have to know, that they are using cryptocurrency. The liquidity will be provided by uniswap, where I suspect most price discovery will be going on. However if we had such a project listed on nash (it is an erc20) we could see decent volume by the hype such adoption would generate, while also bots arbitraging the price between uniswap and nash, but also bittrex and kucoin (both atm have around 100k volume daily).
Maybe I am out of line, but I honestly believe that we should focus as a community to find the best possible projects before others do. And by best I mean the ones with growing adoption.


Patience my friend, everything in stages. They need to address certain elephants in the room first before they can focus on volume. The transfer issue still plagues a few users. Im guessing you don’t want 1000’s of users crying about their funds being stuck. Also Fiat Ramps which is a necessary propellant in obtaining volume. Long story short. Wait for GA and I can almost promise the team will address those issues.


Yup, trying to implement wat they want will take a little while, we forget this is a DEX and things are much harder to implement, having btc is major, now they need to implement the ramps and NASH pay and the rest will come… Sit tight


You guys are all right. Project must mature. However this is no excuse of not doing something that can easily be done sooner. We are all super happy about BTC, looking forward to nashpay and possibly leverages. However adding legit erc20s that can boost out standings is minimum cost effort that can potentially give us massive benefits.

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