Incorrect Prices

I just recognized, that the exchange shows wrong USD prices for the coins.
See the Screenshots from Nash and CMC!
Where does nash get the USD price for the coins?

Probably by the latest trade against USDC on the exchange

Possible, i can not see the USDC Trades, since I live in europe.
Nevertheless the USD value is wrong and could confuse users.

What kind of question is that? Why do you compare latest price on Nash to some price on CMC? Think about it.

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Just Wake Up… It’s like:
oh ,the price for a beer in Spain is € 3,-
Why is it in Germany for € 2,-?
The price in Spain must be wrong…

Well, this comprehension is just absurd.
Pretty sure, most of the NASH “users” are already registered on other established exchanges. So they can easily pick an exchange with the lower prices (if the difference is that high it makes sense). Would sb go from Spain to Germany to save a couple of $? There is no choice. For the majority of crypto people that’s different. They have a lot of choices in a global market and the market agreed on more or less similar prices.

But regarding the original post: I don’t see any point in this. Atm we have low liquidity, almost no volume and larger spreads. The it’s obvious to have “wrong” prices and slower reactions.

Have you compared the actual prices ?
The ones of the market (for example ETH on NEO-ETH) ?

The display of USD prices is approximated are based on data that has a 5min liveness (caching across diff services), when markets move fast (like yesterday) this is likely to cause differences. But the actual price in the orderbook, the one you big should be competitive.

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If i didn’t misunderstood your question - yes I did so.

that’s ~ 8,5 % difference.

Anyway, I have no problem with this topic for now.