Incentivised Market Maker Program - are we on track?

I think we are well on track for becoming a top notch Dex considering these

  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Compliance

But one of the most crucial is probably liquidity.

Fabio mentioned some type of program - Has anyone more info on how they want to attract market makers?

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I guess I would also add Usability to Nash’s strength

I completely agree with you @asus78 we are on track to becoming a top notch Dex!

I don’t have any info on what I think they called the “Best Buy” program or something similar however I am very keen to hear the latest update from the team :slight_smile:

I think they want to compare fees around the market and offer even lower prices but not so sure this is really enough to attract market makers?! Few Exchanges now offer a Zero fee strategy. They all want market makers…Offering Lambos seemed to work for Binance back then :smiley:

Fair enough!
Do you know if they are going to join that system / program that a few other exchanges are a part of (like Switcheo) where trade markets are shared across exchanges, or something?
I don’t actually know too much about it, only that something like that exists…

I think Fabio said they wouldnt join something like that. I guess he is confident enough to generate liquidity itself. I like his confidence but eager to see his strategy. They MUST get those market makers into the door first…whatever it costs. If Nash is awesome they will stay/switch!

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Also…it would be nice if regulatory instances would recommend Nash as the Go To Exchange. After all they have done to be compliant this is the least they could do. Getting a backlink from the SEC website would be badass!

I wonder if this is something we as a community can help foster…
Not sure on the right way to approach it though, apart from word of mouth, etc…

A backlink from the SEC would be amazing, however, I doubt that will happen.

Probably not but they should do some backlink analysis for NYSE & Co - I am sure they will find some backlink gems

Anyone with a high authority website can help Nash to get backlink juice.

If you make the Market Makers owners of Nex coins, they’ll be incentivised to continually increase volume so they participate in revenue. Like the structure of the NYSE but in a new, modern and better way.

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We have a trading partners program that gives allocations of staked Nash (so revenue share into the business). It is invite only for now, we might expand it in the mid term on a different form like prizes.