Incentive to hold NEX

Hi all,

There is no real benefit for the company to encourage nex holders to stake it. It is kinda the opposite! For the company to keep more fees more NEX should be liquid.

What about offer incentives to hold NEX in your Nash wallet instead of staking it.

I.e. feature X that would cost premium or extra fees are made free when you hold 10NEX

Y and X features are free when you hold 100NEX etc…

What do you think?

Isn’t the generous profit sharing up to 75% of the exchange fees not a big enough incentive? :hugs:


the profit sharing is an incentive to stake. This is a different way to make the token scares but give the company more % of the profit.

How about a badge system like on the community to reward tranders. For example if someone is responsible for more than 100k volume he’ll get a specific badge and this badge upgrades his account with the “Lounge Pass” which gives you access to airplane lounges for free. (Like competitors are doing e.g. Revolut)
But to further explore more use cases for $NEX we should wait for the core functionalities to be released

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We will all get rewarded in the next bull run, dont worry :grin:

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I cant say I agree with this. While I see how the suggestion can create value (for the holder), I think it goes against what the team’s core purpose and core values are. That generous 75% of fees being shared with those that stake underscores nash’s commitment to keep the project for the people.

To me that 75% is a northstar in this space and once our volume is sky high everyone will see that star and think “damn I should be doing that to get users on my platform”. This is how EVERYBODY wins and beats the old system.

The moment they start to take measures to line their pockets (i.e reducing this 75% or the total fees against which it is muliplied), it will waterdown their promise from the outset, their uniqueness in the space, as well as their edge as a pioneer.

I like @bhawani idea though. The perks can be connected to high trading volume or people with high spending patters on Nashpay. I am thinking different tier cards with accompanying perks per tier.

Just my take…


NEX is a registered security. The less “functions” it has, the less legal hoops will need to be jumped though for every business initiative.

If you want to do something with community, my suggestion would be to add ERC 1155 token compatibility to the wallet (which is there already, just not on the website) and mint badge rewards for users as @bhawani mentioned above.

Microsoft took a similar approach with their community.

In a sense, this is what the draw is right now to the liquidity pools. You drop your tokens in a contract for others to use, fees are generated. You exit the pool with your tokens and (hopefully) a profit of fees.

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