Impressive list of speakers coming to Neo DevCon February on 16 and 17, 2019


Nice Speakers!

Fabio C.Canesin
Founder, CoZ & NEX

I know why he is their, but what is NEX?

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Great list!!! We’re really looking forward to this!!!

Heheh, at least they got it right in the Agenda.

anyone knows if there is going to be a live stream for these events, not sure since there is 299$ ticket to the event.

Yeah it will be live streamed

I don’t think it will be live streamed

It was last year. Hoping they will do the same

Pretty sure it was mentioned at the recent quarterly report

We’ll be there Friday afternoon through Monday evening. We’re going to try to meet as many people as we can on either side of the actual conference dates. We will be wearing our new purple Guardian Circle t-shirts, so if you see us: please DO say hello!

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Fabio will present the second day of DevCom. Which will be on the 17 Feb 2019 at 13:30 GMT

Yes, you are right.

haha , nice after lunch.