Imagine 50% of traders come into nash exchange

(Mao Mao) #1

Imagine in the future where just 50% of crypto traders and users move to nash exchange, and everyone has a stack of NEX tokens to stake for passive income (up to 75%) instead of trading in other exchanges without any extra benefit.

With the security that nash provides its users + more income for traders, I couldn’t find any other reason not to get my friends to use nash exchange compared to other exchanges as everyone can enjoy passive income for staking it.

The more people that comes in to trade, the more passive income we have.

(Nashrimpy) #2

that’s how it looks. my whole family will buy bitcoin via the nash exchange.

(Mao Mao) #3

you get to use an exchange that has the total security you need where you control your own funds without having worried about an exchange stopping you from withdrawals and you also get to enjoy passive income from staking $NEX…probably its all we need. :wink:

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(Njb) #4

I will definitely recommend that people use Nash rather than other exchanges.

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