I'm living abroad, can I still pass KYC and stake? (I'm from the UK)

I’m living in Thailand, and I plan to setup my Nash account and stake my tokens, but I was wondering if it will be an issue?

Should I use a VPN to put me back in England?


I’m in a pretty similar situation and the response of Nash support was as follows:

VPN doesn’t work for Tier 1 verification. Once the verification is done you can use a VPN.
I don’t know your specifics or duration of stay but I think you can get a pink Thai ID card if you’re living there. Which should fix the issue.

The system asks for country of residence, not your nationality. So if you are residing in Thailand, no need for VPN. just select Thailand as your country of residence,

When Thailand is selected as country of residence, the verification requires Thai documentation (ID/Passport). Even though it’s perfectly legal to reside in Thailand on a foreign VISA, it does not accept a non Thai form of ID.

Well I’m staying in thailand for 5 months or so travelling, so I dont think that technically means living here. I’m a UK resident and have a home in the UK

correct i think the thais might disagree that ur a thai resident … to be honest… its a load of crud what ur location is. but its necessary to lose a few outliers on registration to achieve goals inextricably linked to compliance. (nash isnt setting the rules )

u do however imo reserve the right to be peeved off at the situation lol

That should not be the case. Your ID document does not have to match your country of residence. Country of residence is by default set as the document-issuing country, but you should have the option to change that.

I’ve just tried and set my country of residence as UK which it is, but it says IP mismatch :frowning:

So I need to get Tier 1 verified if I want to stake, but I can’t because of an IP mismatch, any ideas of a way around this?

lol… one does yearn for recognition that this is a rekt system


Fabio almost certainly has dual citizenship Portuguese and Brazilian
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edit: select Brazil as ur legal residence i dare u

@Lennystyles as @chris.fenwick said you don’t need to match document + residency.

What you do need to match is IP and residency. If your are currently traveling @robodelfy you will need to wait until you are back to your residency to get Tier 1.

@redk Brazil is not my legal residency since a few years. Why would I select that ? Currently I live in Europe and did KYC in it.

Regarding the issue of location needing to match IP: it is indeed a pain if you are traveling, but it is a minority that will try to do KYC verification while traveling. We hope to be allowed to be less stringent in the future.


This is a real problem for me, as I’m away for 6 months but i want to stake all my tokens for two years.

Is there any way I can do this? VPN, getting a family member back home to help me out somehow? I cant wait 6 months to stake my tokens

@canesin and @chris.fenwick thanks for clearing that up.

I misunderstood an official declaration of your country of residence as to that the document had to match the location.