I'm amazed at how wonderful this community is at Beta Phase

I just want a word here.

I feel proud of every single one of you here whom has contributed to at least one constructive feedback to the nash team during the Beta phase. it has been 2 days and the comments were genuinely helpful.

I guess this is one of the reason why this forum was created.

Hope we can all help nash create a better exchange for the digital finance. :grinning::grinning:


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Yeah, its truly amazing to see such a feedback to improve the platform. Hope team will review it very carefully and deliver a groundbreaking product. Simplicity and speed of the exchange is the key. User experience is all about being able to deliver simple to use platform (Whatever complexities are behind the scenes) … Hoping for a better version during “Equilibrium” phase.

And people are scared of little bugs they see in beta. lol.


I feel the same. I’m impressed, I’ve never seen so much interest in a beta. Look, I’ve been to some.


The team has also been really impressed by the quantity and quality of feedback :heart: Thanks everyone – we’re listening closely and all your energy is critical in helping us deliver a product with better UX than any existing exchange.


I’ve watched this video recently. The speaker, David Cancel talks about listening to your customers and delivering what the customers needs understanding their needs…

And i think this is what nash is doing now, doing it right.

“Listening to your customers is what we all talk about and say we do. It’s simple but its never easy.”

@canesin @ethan


It’s especially remarkable that there are so few trolls on this community. The amount of low-quality posts is much better than reddit or telegram.


the Nash community is already the best in the entire cryptospace & she is growing day by day.


that might be because you need to hold 1 NEX in your account to sign up. Keeps the trolls out.

I agree the NEX community is great :+1:

Exactly, my thoughts aswell. Good system.

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