If your path is difficult it is because your purpose is bigger than you thought

(Prodi Gillis95) #1

I’m a little upset I didn’t receive an invitation since I’ve been with the project since day 1. I happen to be a trader in different markets for over 4 years and I also happen to work at an investment bank which gives me a lot more knowledge than most in the community when it comes to finances and I was hoping to add some value in the early stage.

Anyways I’m very happy with the Nash team, we can all agree the way they manage everything they do has been with high efficiency and I hope they intend to keep it that way.

I think we might have a chance at competing for a decent piece of that huge commission pie and goldmine that exchanges have been enjoying over the last years. It won’t be easy, but I believe our money and hopes are in good hands. Good luck to all we are almost there.

(Hatertots) #2

You will be able to add your value on April 27th still so don’t forget about that! Time is near.

(Peter) #3

My guess is that the invites went out to some of the more active community forum members. The team would have had no idea of your background so please don’t take it personal.

Subgame invitees will most likely share their experiences with us all, anyway.