If you think your centralised exchange is safe from being hacked

ALL centralized exchanges are a time bomb queuing to be hacked… Even the biggest exchange few years back (MT Gox) was hacked…

It’s time to make this move… nash team have to speed up the game to save us all and to start the next bull running. :wink::wink:


Fun fact I have used 2 large exchanges in the past 2 years that have been hacked but I never kept my funds on them so I lost nothing (Bitgrail and Quadriga). Nash is greatly needed, can’t wait.

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yup. and for nash, you can actually leave it in your wallet in the exchange as you hold your keys and your assets here…making it easier to trade than ever…

note: click the expand the photo in the first post. the list starts since 2011…literally every single year there are exchanges being hacked.