Ideas / Brainstorming

Consensus: Distributed experience, which starts May 11.

being postponed and seemingly fully refunded there maybe unwell/cancelled speakers or advertising slots.
The timing is good

Your post is incredibly blunt. It has me googling for news about the Consensus event as to understand what you are trying to say

Looks good. I’ve signed up. Nice that it is completely free this year

was trying to keep word count down …

i set up a DAO for voting on things related to Nash.

the Apps are developed and (from what i can see updated) by Aragon and their perennial DAO…

will only get better with time

If anyone wants to join and create and cast votes please feel welcome

Heres the contract address

And here if you’d like to join in

Ping me an Eth address and Ill send you a token

Hey @clare ,

check it out looks like availability may be popping up for speakers at *remote events

i hear on the grape-vine theres a spot here… ull have to evaluate it

usual suspects:

i would be surprised if Consensys were not having to juggle people not available

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Nomura group should be targeted

best approach might be via Komainu

-Instinet … dark pools
come on man . we can be the crypto arm of this


thy are slightly off on their analysis here imo

  • but u can clearly see why these guys should be approached to put their btc trades over nash