iDeal fiat onramp in Netherlands

I live in the Netherlands and i use iDeal for all my online payments, including buying crypto. For those who aren’t familiar with how iDeal works, you pick it as a check-out option, select your bank, scan the QR code with your bank app on your phone (or your bank app opens if you’re only using your phone), you verify the payment and pay! It’s very fast, easy and seamless.

As far as i’m aware all major Dutch banks are supported and it would be ideal if Nash also had an option for Dutch users to use iDeal, and i’m sure a lot of people would use it, including me!



Same experience for me! Everybody older than 16 uses iDeal to pay stuff online in the Netherlands. Nobody I know uses credit card to pay online. Adding iDeal as a payment option would be huge for the Netherlands :+1:


@canesin should take note of this! Plus “Xfers” in Singapore is also a fintech payment that deals with crypto and normal payments too.
Xfers is MAS(government) approved and crypto friendly fintech.

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Small sidenote: I’m also Dutch and using creditcard for a lot of internet payments. And usually it’s through the paypal gateway to prevent me from having to search for my CC. NashPay could definitely make this easier.


In Germany everyone uses Paypal…nobody uses credit cards on a daily basis. As long as it is easy to pay with mobile I am up for it.