IDEA (UX): Improved transfer buttons

Hi @canesin, @Nathaniel, @localhuman

First of all I like the new transfer icon on sandbox, whenever you send funds it’s showing the transfer. But I would like to suggest something about that. I have an idea, and I’m curious what you think about it. I think it can improve the UX alot.

Current transfer button:
When you send your funds it’s showing the transfer icon on the top right bar. But it’s gone already when the transfer is in pending. So you still have to go back to the transfer tab in order to see how your transfer is doing.

Improved transfer buttons:
When you send your funds to trading or personal, don’t just show a transfer button but show a transfer button with the current token/coin you have sended and let the transfer staying on the top right bar until everything is done. Here is what I created:

  1. You send Bitcoin to trading or personal.
  2. It’s showing the transfer button on the top right bar with the Bitcoin icon.(See screenshot)
  3. It’s staying there until Bitcoin is out of pending and it turns blue so the user can see it has been completed.
  4. Show a slow pulse effect on the button so that the user get the button’s attention. (So the user knows that the transfer is done and he/she can now successfully trade)
  5. Hide the button after a few seconds (after complete)

Animation in action:

Code if needed (See it live):
Codepen link

If you have more then 1 transfer button they could be placed next to each other. With a max of a few buttons just like the popular section. So you can scroll inside of it for example. And when 1 is completed you put that one on the front row so it’s always visible.

Overall I really think this can improve the UX alot.

Let me know what you think about this.


Love it


excellent :smiley:


That’s awesome. What if there are multiple pending transactions though? Maybe tabs for the different tokens or only show the most recent transfer in this way?

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This is an amazing feature. Love it!


This could happen when you have more :slight_smile:


Annnnddd. if we click on the transfer button it will take us to the transfers page :slight_smile:
Just like the current markets tab, the featured markets up top are not clickable. I wish I could click them so that it would take me to that market. At the minute the markets page is kind of pointless. But lets see :slight_smile:


Very nice demonstration :slight_smile: However, I personally don’t require that level of detail in this location. When I see something is happening, that’s enough. When I click on it, I would expect it to show me all transfers with the pending transfers dancing on top.

– I imagine this pen would be of great use if the next referral program involves a slot-machine.


My CSS skills are absolute trash haha, it is good to see people with real talents helping make Nash better!


loved it . this must be implemented.


Nice idea, but I would rather see a generic notification tray/popup because there is more information that is worth showing. Think of finished stakes, completed transfers, triggered limit orders, release notes, etc…


Great work @Dennis, thank you!

Add a mix of all community ideas and it could yield something impressively good.

:point_up: This one is a quick win.

:point_up: Having separate badges per transfer is nice, but the stacking ability is probably a lot of work compared to the added value. Especially when you know you won’t have several simultaneous pending transfers 99% of the time.

:point_up: This is a very mature reflection right here. A centralized notification system is very likely to happen on the app. Thinking the transfer notification as part of a greater need is the way to go IMO.


Remember that the transfer modal can be triggered from the trading view. As a consequence, forcing redirection to the Transfers tab is not desirable.

really really nice, loved those kind of details

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excellent work @Dennis


very nice idea! Maybe needs a little bit larger loading icon, but that’s one hell of a UI improvement.


34 Likes! I think the community have spoken!