Idea for the future: Market-Maker-Bot-site

hey ho,
days ago, @canesin released a code for a Market maker bot. thx for that! for me as non-techi, i understand nothing but its ok.

my idea is for the future and i dont know if the team already thought about that… dont know so im writing my lines :wink:

non-techi-people need an overlay for the market-maker-bot e.g. with sliders.
for example: i want to buy 10 Neo for Ethereum. so i have put an order. but i want 10x1neo orders one after the other is filled in a periodtime of x.
so the timeframe of the call are 60 min. min. 0 the robot has to put the first order. when its filled in the 60min. the roboter recall the order up to 10times in the timeframe of 60min.
i think you have an idea what i want to say.

there is a very big market-roboter-gap between techies and non-techies. i think it would be a very big boost for marketing as well.

just a thought. what do you think about it?
have a nice day!


Using their bot template, you have to host your own bot. So for your idea to be possible Nash would have to host it for you, which makes it a quite ambitious idea, pretty far from Nash’s core business.

That being said, it’s obvious it would increase volume, probably catch a lot of attention.

I’m curious: does anyone know if this is possible on any other exchange?

PS: I am myself a somewhat technical person, however I have yet to try it out. If it had an interface and required 15 minutes to configure, I would have done right when it came out !


cant remember about configurable bots on any other exchange…

on one hand: people already asking about to set up a bot but don´t know how.

on the other hand: you are right. its very ambitious :smiley:
you can also say, the idea is very “nashi” xD
all the things nash is aiming for are very ambitious.^^

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