Idea for simple but effective marketing i believe

you asked back some time about ideas for marketing except affilate/referral.
my idea is simple but, in my opinion, very effective.

after launching the mainnet, create a corner on the mainpage (landingpage) with simple statistics about important things like day-volume, how much coins are staking the last 24h.

because its the way you give us the headline: “trust yourself”. so we call and ask the full company: “are you trusting yourselfs”?
your answer should be: “yes, we can! check out our transparency you asking for. here are the statistics. x people are staking x coins locked in x accounts since x months. x people are trusting our buisness. when you cant trust yourself, ask the x people of our community.”

its about trust.
i think its a simple but very effective way. thats, what im looking for, when i searching for new companies: transparency and courage.

comments are welcome! have a nice day


Like that!

Would be cool to have a page labeled “weak points” where nash posts things they are trying to improve, admitting openly and easily all the things they see as inadequate within their build (maybe people would try to help even?).

Just thought of it because of the trust and transparency layer you talked about, and admitting flaws while showing that you are in the act of bettering them is huge for trust.