Idea for pitching Nash Link

I have a good idea for pitching Nash link that I would like to share with our community.

In my country there are a few bigger E-commerce groups of Facebook, about 10K members, not many but remember, many of those are consulting or leading lots of e-commerce related SME.

If I just write typical pitching post like: “hey guys, check out this awesome service, try out Nash link, bla bla bla”, nobody would react to my post.

However, if I use a different approach and start the post like: “Has anybody tried this service yet? Is this a good way to start accepting crypto?”

Stating like this would actually get people interested and engaged, they would study the link and post their opinions.

Please consider writing such post on any platform you are active on, e-commerce related groups are a very good start because people often exchange advices, experiences and discuss new technology or regulation… Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram… Let’s pitch this great product and please be smart about your approach, don’t sound spammy or like a used car salesman. I recommended Nash to dozens of people already and I never used my referral. Don’t be greedy, let’s build stuff and make it happen!


Maybe we can use this strategy in the comments on our favorite YouTube channels.
Again, in a smart way.
For ultimate Nash supporter, we can have our avatar photo to be Nash and YouTube name to have Nash in it.

I will change my YouTube name, from “dreamer” to “NashDreamer”

Often exposure from 50 people in YouTube comments could be a good way to gain exposure.
Even liking the comments that you like from other users, will give a notification to people that NashDreamer liked your comment and, again some exposure.

Simple saying hello or leaving any comments with the avatar Nash and, name NashSupporter will expose us more and more.

Don’t worry about being criticize, people will do it no matter what you say, but there will be some that will follow and will see us as a strong community :muscle:

This is my strategy:

Just 10X the exposure. WE CAN DO IT :facepunch:

Join today, doesn’t matter how little we can do alone, together it will be so much more.

Thank you :handshake: