ICON voting website blocked by NEXextention

Hi guys. Wanted to learn about staking on Icon, but the NEx extention is blocking the site. Can this be fixed? or perhaps allow staking via NEXextention? Why not be a Prep? (I know you’re busy, but it would attract a lot of people)

Anyway…first question was please investigate this since end August staking becomes active and inflation will really murder me if I can’t compensate by staking.


Also, note the NEX logo should be changed into the Nash logo :nash:

If you are certain this is a wrong flagging feel free to contribute additions and removals to: https://github.com/nash-io/phishing

I am not sure of anything. Crypto is crypto. Still no regulation protecting anybody so for sure I am not going to put my hand in the fire for anybody. A better solution is to flag a website for auditing, just like I mentioned about the emails send by Nash. THEN…if a company says it is legit and isn’t, no matter if there is regulation or not, they can be put through trial because of false conduct.