I would like to know on what basis the beta testers been selected for the subgame?

(Crypto Fox) #1

I would like to know “What factors influenced to chose the 250 subgame testers?”

Seriously guys, I have been trying my level best to increase the awareness about nash in twitter, and @clare even taken a quote from me to post in twitter and yet I did not get an invite? I have filled the survey way earlier as well. Really disappointed and frustrated!! What a man should do to get an invite? Some people do not have time to chat and post here 24/7 if you guys are taking that in to consideration. If the testers been selected randomly, I totally understand @canesin @ethan

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(Olu ) #2

Truly @CryptoFox you have been very active for Nash on Twitter and I can imagine how you feel. It is a bit of a disappointment. I would feel the same way too.
However, don’t let that stop you from promoting a startup you believe in.
27th of April is not far if you think about it.
Let’s focus on the bigger picture.


(Lukaskorba) #3

I agree with @Olu. Emotions are something you can’t control, it’s right you feel bad but it shouldn’t last for long. Nash is here, focus on important stuff. You’ll be in it 2 weeks later, much sooner than public and that matters. We all have been waiting long, try to remember. I remember I was waiting for the ICO, it happened in September but I was waiting much longer. And from September to now? So many months… 2 weeks is nothing, stay strong, stay focused, be in love with Nash just like you have been the whole time. Upset people is the last thing we all need. Only 200 spots were available, 4 out of 5 are not invited.


(Nicefox) #4

it could be saving best guys for the last iteration when nash is closest to launch and find out any other hidden issues. You have been a strong supporter of nash from beginning and will be rewarded one way or the other !


(Saud) #5

I prefer trying out Nash after a few iterations to get a nice first impression. I don’t want my first experience to be glitchy and unsatisfactory.

Thanks for spreading the word on Nash, your work is appreciated by all community members.


(Hypotheticalidentity) #6

I felt similarly when I was not selected for early March testing or Bluefield. Like many have expressed here, each user has much knowledge or expertise to offer; how can I not be the one to shape the future of distributed finance? Then I read what FCC wrote on the community run TG:

Let me clarify something about user testing, have you went to a restaurant for the first time and food was amazing ? But you went again some days later and it didn’t look as good ? That is the first time experience.
If we onboarded all our test users at once they would have that experience for the first iteration, than we go and fix issues improving it. They will perform the onboarding again but now they are already familiar, how do we get to know if we improved the first time experience ? We need new testers. So companies do the same with their products, first they perform “dogfooding” but those have high bias, so the company gets a small set of people with specific profiles to test in private and keep renewing that set until it is ready to put it in the market.

Basically, they NEED users testing with “first time experience” at every test phase, and some might even consider it an honor to beta test near the end with a more finished platform (not being sarcastic).

This UX team is world class, and I imagine they’ve conducted many interviews/phase testing early in development with targeted users as well. What I’ve experienced on current exchanges is the same broken UX with updated skins (colors, charts, etc.). My main focus when I test will be focusing on how familiar the interaction is; really hope the friction points in crypto transactions have been minimized.

This is what I look forward to (per Ethan):

If the wheel = exchange of digital assets, that wheel is broken and needs to be fixed: users should be able to do this easily while retaining control of their assets.

If the wheel = general banking solutions, that wheel is probably even more broken: customers should have way more control of their funds across the board (imagine having some real control of the assets in your digital bank account, for example).

If the wheel = online payment solutions, this is broken again due to middlemen and other factors.

So it is possible we are reinventing some wheels, but for good reason. Many of those wheels badly need someone’s time and attention.


(Sam) #7

I can understand the frustration but it’s only a 2 weeks difference, relax.


(Njb) #8

I am quite disappointed by not being chosen, but will look forward to updates from those who are.


(Crypto Fox) #9

I got the invitation at the very last moment guys. thanks nash team. Lets roll


(Frenk) #10

Want to let you know I received the invite for subgame starting 14e April.
Im exited to start this beta and give my input.

Thanks Nash team


(Toni R) #11

I see u got an invitation. Congrats. I’m a round 2 investor, I went to the Birthday Party, I went to the Q4 event, and still got no invitation… I guess I will have just to wait


(Mao Mao) #12

you will be invited in the end in the equilibrium phase. Can tell we are all really excited to try out the Beta.


(Gtb) #13

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(Saud) #14

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(Ant0ni081) #15

We’ve all been waiting a year … whats another 2 weeks … stop the entitled rant and deal with it. its 2 weeks more wait, thats it.