I want to be a NASH developer. Please response to this thread

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Hello developers, admins, community members!
I feel very happy that I’ve found nash community recently. First of all, congratulations to NASH team for creating an awesome community platform! I am looking to be a part of NASH team and want to be a developer. I know my experience is not matched with NASH availability but my enthusiasm for NEX started well before one year when I read NASH whitepaper during my junior year and thus participated in NEX ICO but I was not lucky enough to buy the token. Thereafter, I was looking to invest my scholarship fund in NASH token and waited till it will hit any exchanges. Fast forward, now I own some NEX token and feeling really happy about it, on the other hand, I’ve found this community as well. Thanks to NASH team.

Here is my basic intro:
I am a senior student doing my major in CS and I do love programming.
My domain in programming is Algorithm and Data Structure more precisely competitive programming. I am very fond of what is called blockchain technology and more precisely what I believe is that the next big thing in blockchain is a decentralized exchange(DEX). I don’t know which place I am fit for NASH developer but I hope that I will develop that sort of skills within a given timeframe which is required by the NASH team and be a part of like-minded people. I do have a background in cryptography, the blockchain technology and good in data structure and algorithm.

I want to be a part of the futuristic technology that could become reality very soon with an amazing & exciting team.
So, I want to know what sort of skills do I need to work upon to get hired by NASH or is there any sit available for that fits with my skills i.e Algorithm and data structure(Software developer). I am really looking forward to hearing feedback from NASH team and community members.
I will highly appreciate your all feedback.

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Hi @mupkin

welcome to the community. Your resume sounds good but I’m not a person associated with Nash so I can’t comment on anything regarding applications.

I’m sure @clare or @canesin can help you more.

Have a warm welcome!

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They’re looking for Devs who have experience with functional programming last time I checked.
Believe it was 1y experience with Elixir.

Good luck!

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Thank you for your response!

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Thank You!

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I looked at your website and it says:

#3 Countless times when I was a freshman I wanted to start a blog, but I never felt qualified to share my knowledge. I had tried to start a blog or a vlog or something like that but, I kept on passing from website to website and never settled on anything. Well, now I’m giving it a better shot and won’t give up so easily.

Sa far you have published only one article. Lost motivation ?
(I’ve been there, done that. In fact I have written over 30 complete drafts and never published a single one of them. The difference is I am not looking to get hired at the moment :wink: )

I personally would make sure to keep you website up te date and write more regularly about things you are doing. Write about a challenge you faced during a project and how you solved it. In the process you might even help others with similar problem. Helping others in the community is something I believe can be valuable to increase your chances to get hired. It shows you are ambitious and passionate. Also you dont need Nash to be part of futuristic technology. Nothing stops you from playing around with it.

That brings me to my last point: I am not sure if becoming part of a team is the right motivation to learn new skills. I think its better to learn skills you like to learn about yourself. have fun. Be creative. If you like blockchain, decentralised exchanges, algorithms, data structures etc… Well I think you will automatically develop skills valuable for a company like Nash.

but I never felt qualified to share my knowledge.

– I would not bother about it. Just write whatever you want. Open up the comment section to allow feedback. Have fun.
Write about a personal experience, describe your steps and findings… I’m sure you are qualified enough for that.

Pretty sure you understand what I mean isnt it ? Just do it. #trustyourselves.
Wish you all the best. I’m also curious what others think…

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Just keep learning everyday and I’m sure you’ll find something suitable! Good luck!

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Thank you so much for having taken your time to provide me with your kind words, valuable feedback, and gracious support all of which are very much appreciated! I am sincerely concerned and apologize that I fell short on your expectations in some area and will definitely work upon it. Looking forward to seeing you again in the near future.

(Kelvin Fugara) #9

I think the best way to start is to Join the City of Zion global team and start to solve the puzzles in Github, that is the only way your enthusiasm will be spotted, it free anybody can join