I sent NEX to another wallet my KYCed-ico wallet not safe

Hi to you all!
I am verry happy I won this ICO.

I got hacked my skrill account , and I still dont know how. So I changed all my wallets and put crypto to my hardware wallet, including NEX wallet where I did KYC to buy in lottery.
I also got private key from that wallet from neo block explorer as I remember, because i was wondering why i didt get pk in extention-ico wallet, so i wanted to figure this out.

So my question is , will my nex account be fixed to this wallet-address because it is security token witch needs KYC ? i am a bit worried to put all nex back, i am not sure it is safe.

Did I saw somewhere here I could start staking now ? was that demo page or something I always just thought staking would start when neon exchange comes to life.

Any answers will be appreciated, thank you !

Yea that screenshot was just an example of how it could look. Staking won’t start til launch and you will be able to do KYC again on your new wallet


thank you !

if you feel the wallet is unsafe you need not worry. after lauch of exchange or may be before there will be kyc where you can use new address to stake or trade on neon exchange.

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