I send NEX to huobi

(Alexander) #1

I, because of inattention, sent 800 nex to the huoby exchange to my neo addresss. I contacted support. They replied that they could not help me. Still waiting for an answer, but I wonder how they can not have a private key? Can someone tell me something to do? (sorry for my google translate english)

(Nex Hodl) #2

the only one that can help you is huobi but be sure they wont! they hold the keys of the wallet you send nex and as long they do not trade nex tokens consider your tokens burned as the way they handle transactions in and out of wallet is automated and very strict :frowning:

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(Alexander) #3

Сorrespondence with support:

I: Hi. Help me please. I accidentally sent the NEX coins to the exchange, and they are not supported there. how i can return them?

Support: Hello, I‘m sorry to tell you ,there is currently no way to deal with this transfer, there are two errors about this transfer.

1, we don’t support NEX,

2, AcyZWwBEJY******ErFUfTq9PiM this is the address of NEO from your account, not NEX,and this transfer did not send to our platform.

I: nex coin in neo blockhain. you no have privat key this address?

Support: Hello,NEX belongs to our platform not online currency, I am sorry your problem can not be resolved. Specific you can be viewed at the bottom of the NEO deposit page: Please don’t deposit any other digital assets except NEO to the above address. Otherwise, you may lose your assets permanently.

(CryptoMange) #4

Just another example as to why a good, easy-to-use DEX is needed for this space.

Not your keys, not your crypto.

(FCC) #5

I don’t know how is the terms of service (ToS) of Huobi, but they have ownership of the private keys, meaning that they are the owners of the wallet - I say this just because you repeated several times “my wallet”, unfortunately it is not “your wallet” it is the "deposit address of Houbi wallet¨. Different exchanges treat custody of user assets in different ways, some treat as promissory, others as more proper custodians. I really have no idea what is the legal status of coins sent to wallets they control - maybe by the ToS you just donated 800 NEX to them. I would read the fine print and discover.

As @CryptoMange said: Not your keys, not your crypto.

In NEX you have the keys, we don’t. Your keys, your crypto.

(Alex) #6

Your aswer: Please wait patiently for Huobi to list these coins.

Good thing for you: Huobi is showing interest in security tokens / platform

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(Alexander) #7

Thank you for your clarification and responsiveness. I will try to get something from the support

(Ashrith) #8

@canesin but as of my understanding, we need to deposit funds to trade right . So In traditional exchanges there are many hurdles where we can’t withdraw our assets due to many reasons. So in Nex assuming there are only some cases where we may wait for our funds , can you please let us know how this works and in what case a users funds withdrawal may be delayed? Like of course we need to wait for a transaction to get mined in blocks for may be btc etc. Apart from these what other cases are possible?

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(Alexander) #9

Support has given up hope: “NEX is not list on huobi .at present , we can’t solve this problem for you , you can wait for NEX to come online and contact our customer service again.”

(Njb) #10

That’s nonsense. As with ETH, if they have a NEO address, they hold all the assets on that NEO address. So they have your NEX, they just don’t want to send it back. You could probably sue them, but that would be expensive and difficult.

(Dead Pool 56) #11

Huobi is well known to have a terrible customer experience. I know a friend whose funds were locked on the exchange and he couldn’t withdraw for months. Try contacting their support at 123@huobi.pro. There really isn’t much you can do if they decide not to help you.

(FCC) #12

@Ashrith we don’t control user funds, so they can be withdraw when the user decides to. Also they are not “deposited” in a address, they are locked for trading in a state channel. On the interface the way it appears is your “trading balance”. But those are locked in the smart contract vault, under the owner address and can be manually withdraw using the blockchain even if NEX don’t exist anymore.

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