I know it goes against the non-custodial aspect of Nash... however

Does the future hold any possibility that Nash might create a seperate, more centralised branch of its product offerings, with the option of liquidity pools, yield generation, etc?

Specifically, I only raise this question because I trust Nash and would like to put my Bitcoin to work for Nash, without taking the responsibility myself of trading it, as in the past I’ve just ended up with less Bitcoin! :laughing:

Since the end of the 1st trading competition (which I placed high in) I’ve decided to only stack sats, not trade them!
Better outcome for tax implications for me as well, my country isn’t the friendliest towards high volume/transactions unless you’re set up as a company! :confused:

So I haven’t contributed anywhere near as much to the exchange volume and success as I would like too as of late! :nerd_face:

In fact, I’ve actually gone as far as storing the majority of my Bitcoin on BlockFi, to earn a yield, giving up custody of my keys…
I’d much prefer to be doing this on the Nash platform! :pray:

I am a huge fan and advocate of Nash and believe we should stay as close as possible to 100% non-custodial, I just feel we are missing out on a large percentage of the market that don’t care enough about being non-custodial

Been here since the sto, my kids will one day inherent my NEX tokens, which I shall never sell, huge fan of the Nash team, community and combined future!

Just looking for more ways that I can contribute to the success of that future! :wink::heart:


I am eagerly awaiting the integration with Aave and whatnot, however, I still want to put my Bitcoin to work for Nash without trading it! :thinking: