I know everyone is excited for nash Beta

Let’s be calm (although I’m trying very hard to be calm rn :laughing:).

This Beta is going to be one of the biggest help we can do for nash team on their exchange, by giving them our honest feedback while trying it out. So, they can continue on their iteration on the user experience and overall exchange.

So let’s keep calm, and let it come to us naturally. Good luck nash team!


absolutely agree. (although I can’t stop checking my emails)


I wish we all would think that way and I really feel like most of us actually do but still we have some people only interested in a rapid price increase to make a quick buck. Thats fine every project has people like that. Let them get their pocket money so that they can finally move on and let the project grow in a healthy way.
We know the team is doing everything the way it has to be done.
It takes time to build a platform that could very well revolutionize the finance industry