I can't believe people already thinking negative

I can’t believe there are people on this forum already thinking that the project is lagging behind. Most are claiming they came in at ico. What these people need to understand is it’s not easy when your a legitimate project. The team will deliver and we will succeed.

If you came in at ico then why not sell your tokens, we are not at a loss.

We need to back the team.


We are backing the team but we cannot ignore the current situation. Nash is lagging behind L2 competitors in terms of adoption, growth and userbase. Nash has about 500K volume after being operational for over 1.5 years. This is below all expectations and that is why the pivot was needed. We have yet to see how lucrative the L1 market really is and will this significantly raise the volume on Nash. The company needs at least 10x the current volume to become profitable (that is my speculation based on my own research) which is a challenging but achievable goal.

The tone of the AMA questions reflects the sentiment in the community (which is again based on current results) and there is no denying that fear and uncertainty prevail. Hopefully, by the time of next AMA things will turn around and the mood will be optimistic and exciting again.



I’ve been here since the lottery. Absolutely agree with Garda


Yesterday it was moon and lambos, today it is doom and gloom.
Rinse and repeat.

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I’m gonna HODL, people always gonna moan, in a few weeks we will be up there again after a few announcements