I can not post more than two links in one thread :-(

Hi, recently made a big thread with a LOTTTT of info and a lot of links unfortunately I had to delete all the links an sources from the article because of this, I hope you can change this for me so I can add to it.

Also I can not seem to edit my thread anymore afterwards. Please help out!

Also I do not understand this what did I do wrong?

Hope you can help me out!
@carla @clare

Hi @len, we do have some filters to prevent certain links and contents - that go against our guidelines and therefore are not suitable for being shared - or your thread may have been classified by the system as spam. Either way, we’re looking into it and should provide a solution asap.


I also can’t seem to edit my topic (which was the whole concept of my topic to add partners as they’re released)

Hi @len!

A user can post no more than 10 links to avoid spam issues. Typically, the default is 3 links but we pushed it to 10. The settings are set for certain user permissions and, as a NEXer one cannot edit the topic or post after 60 minutes of it being posted.

I recommend referencing our website for some of the information you are posting. You can find our partners, links to Twitter, Medium, YouTube and LinkedIn where you’ll also find NEX employees!

We really appreciate your love for NEX!