I bought in the ICO and sold at $2.5-$3 because

I didn’t think the team were able to pull off BTC/ETH chains on the dex. I should note i was so bullish on them I didn’t get a spot in the ICO so i had to go through a pool and we paid $1.5-$2 each on average. I only bought 1k nex.

I’ll start off by saying for some strange reason out of all the Crypto projects I’ve put money in (and there was heaps), this has been the most consistent team delivering time and time again.

Listening to the recent interview with Brad Laurie with Fab, really hit home for me that I need to take this project more serious, listening to both him and Ethan (from past interviews) is a good clear indication that these 2 young guys know exactly the paths to take, tech wise/business wise.

I remember since the beginning of nash, the exchange was the main product, but now I’m looking forward to the team delivering:

  • Options Trading - Non custodial Lending
  • Non Custodial Lending- and interest generating for user accs.
  • DeFi- Nash Pay, Fiat Ramps 0% fees.
  • Nash Pay- Merchants accept crypto (and receive their national currency) (that is huge in itself)
  • Nash handles the blockchain conversions for free (easier for non-crypto merchants to use this service)
  • Always upgrading UI/UX, really listen to feedback.
  • Holding off on the STO dealers license is a good move, it’s unnecessary usage of funds especially if it’s not 100% sure if it will pay off short-term, team is very well aware how to pivot for the better of the company, and i’m sure when it makes sense to get it, they will.
  • Future IPO protection: In the case of a future funding, we as NEX holders are actually the most protected crypto project in the entire world because of the token’s direct value tied to the success of the exchange/additional revenue streams. If they raise a boatload of money, that will probably be used to scale whether through marketing/partnerships or whatever seems fit, and we benefit as more people will use there services = more return. For example: if ripple do an IPO, there token holders hold nothing, the equity stake is alot more valuable then holding XRP that does absolutely nothing.
  • Volume: People worrying about the volume, I admit that it does hit the back of the mind. It’s literally the main obstacle and it’s obviously the biggest at the end of the day, but for all the reasons above, they have constantly done exactly what they said they were going to do and I’m more and more confident out of MVP there hard work will pay off. Alot of world first developments and even being the first STO in Europe, first to break boundaries and take all the legal steps required to get it done, but they got it done.

This team gets sht done, non stop, I’m so convinced now that regardless if NEX ran out of cash, they will find funding some place. Once you have a winner mentality mindset, as an investor, those are the teams you should put your hard earned money with.

The InterWork Alliance (IWA), is a new conglomerate sponsored by Accenture, Digital Asset, Microsoft and NEO, with principal members such as Chainlink, ING, IBM, NASDAQ, R3, Web3 Labs, UBS etc, and Associate members such as Hyperledger etc.

Now I don’t know the ties towards Nash and any of these potential gateways to different business relationships, but NEO is leading the charge on this alliance, I can only assume in some way Nash has the options in the future to potentially work together with these different bodies. I’m not saying they will but as NEO invested in Nash, it could only be a benefit for Nex.

So where from here? personally, I’m planning to stake my entire amount, I have a family, a recently unemployed partner due to covid-19, but come next month I’m going to lock 100% of my tokens for 24 months, The crypto scene is full of scams and teams that don’t have the investors best interest at hand, you can have some projects like WaltonChain, I was a hodler through 2017-2020, that have awesome technology, but 0 care for investors and it really opens your eyes that tech isn’t everything.

The engagement and even this community forum is a massive deal imo, it gives a sense of ownership and to be apart of there goals, since this may take years to really take off, having a community helps you through it. There aiming really big and delivering step by step and I don’t want people to forget the biggest goal of all.

Nash 2030- 1 Billion users, Why not? they have done everything else they’ve went after.

Thanks for reading my little personal rant.

What’s your big take on Nash? what gets you excited on this team? anything you guys are looking forward to?


That’s a strange headline.


I believe he is in love…

I agree 100% with you!

[quote=“Nick11, post:1, topic:9355”]
2 young guys know exactly the paths to take, tech wise/business wise
[/quote] This is the main reason why I support Nash.

I think they are sincere and smart. That combined with the fact that they not only think of the interests of the company and themselves, but also of the fantastic community. The best business is if you can create a win-win business. These are the type of founders I want to support.

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Haha it’s about drawing attention. huehue


Thanks for the kind words and support, we don’t know everything but we as a org are extremely quick learners. Nash has only gained momentum in execution since past August, I know there is stuff to be better at and we will because it is known.


You know enough imo, alot of unchartered waters most projects avoid, speaks volumes.

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The fact that many of the people have staked their NEX already shows that they have faith in the team. Nobody is perfect and anyone can learn. That’s true and it’s good to understand that. You guys seem to understand it all quite well!

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I staked all my tokens too. I will continue to buy small amounts regularly which ultimately I will also stake.

What I like about nash is the fact that non-custody is the spectacle through which they look at everything, build everything. This non custodial approach is alot of things

  • it is empowering: ive been out of school for 15 years and the economy has sucked for most of that time. You have zero control on how the economic wind blows. So, something that empowers me is a no-brainer.

  • its visionary: nash is not the first dex. But they are the first at many things. In fact there are so many firsts its ridiculous. I also mean visionary from having a strong vision from a business perspective… (A business’ vision comprises a strong core value, core purpose and a hell of a BHAG… and boy do the have a crazy BHAG: 1B users by 2030).

  • (arguably) it is one of the spirits of our time: i think there are a few spirits that will define this period in crypto. Stable coins, oracles, defi, blocking ads, interoperability, payment rails, and non- custody

  • (lastly i am betting that) it will become trendy: perhaps i am reaching a bit, above, to call non-custody one of the spirits of our time. Perhaps the more sober description is that it is just a trend. At best a growing one. That said I think it is the answer to alot of issues we have in crypto and in the old banking system.


Yeah nice write up, totally understand, I think the general consensus is our lives as we evolve with tech is leaning more towards a more independent approach. Whether thats career wise, financial or community driven wise, whether we want it to happen or not everything is becoming automated, stay at home work etc, this is just another tool to directly interact with our finances without the need to use banks.

when or if nash decide to do bank loans/ interest payments, I think you won’t even need a bank. Would love to one day depost my weekly pay cheque into Nash, and it acts as my bank.

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Hello, I have read your article and it is great to see that most or almost all of the community share the emotion and the certainty of being in the right place and in the right community, supporting Nash.
We are all building brick by brick, with the utmost certainty a community that is heard and that each of its members develops personal skills such as programming, marketing, design, games, etc.
This is a rare feature in other communities, and it is for this and many reasons that we can be sure that we are at the right time, the right place and with the right people.


Well said. This aside, let’s hope all the hard work from the team and the commitment of the community pays off so we can all buy a plane ticket and gather in a place lik Bali and meet in person. :partying_face:


Would be up for that!
Lets get to at least a few billion a month for that, though! Haha

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hahaha yeah keen, just a short flight for me.

But yeah let’s see how 2020-2021 go for the team.