How would you use your staking rewards?

(Nex Megalodon) #1

I am interested to know your opinions on what to do with you staking rewards?

Would you reinvest, collect your investment back in fiat?

Explain your strategy!

(Alexh) #2

I want to flip it around to more NEX until I get to a round, satisfying number, and then probably hedge with what I consider bluechip cryptos: BTC, ETH, NEO, ONT and whatever else feels like a deal, month to month. I’d even consider locking in some dividends into a stablecoin, in certain market conditions.

(Nexwhale) #3

For the first year I think the best strategy is to reinvest as much as possible, since the platform is still gaining traction. After that I will slowly switch to other cryptos in order to diversify.

(Rory) #4

This is what I would prefer to do as well, although I asked Ethan awhile back on twitter about the possibility of choosing what your dividends were paid in. He said that although that’s a feature that is a high priority for them, initially they would pay in a mixture of tokens. So when staking begins, you would receive dividends based on what was actually traded which you could then theoretically manually trade for more :nex_logo: (when it is listed).

In light of that, I plan to just accrue whatever is earned and once that dividend selection mechanic is live, I would look at accruing more :nex_logo: tokens to thus increase my staking dividends.

For me this is a long game, so I am looking at 10-15 years down the road. So to spend a few years accruing more :nex_logo: to ultimately increase my dividends in the long term seems worth it for me.

(Dilligaf) #5

Feel like a douche for quoting myself but i answer this in another post :smile:

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(Rory) #6

Precisely…if you get 0.01 BTC from fees over trades the dollar value at the time you earned it vs what that same 0.01 may be worth 6 months later could be completely different. Of course, this also means it could lose value, but let’s stay positive! :grin:

(Dilligaf) #7

I think day trading will become much more fun at that point because in a way you are playing with free money.

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(Rory) #8

Very true. For me this is especially exciting as I am using a Dollar Cost Average approach to investing in cryptocurrencies. So my dividends could essentially become my DCA without me having to invest actual fiat currency.

(Dilligaf) #9

The days of playing Monopoly had have a benefit after all :wink:

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(Cryptomoneymaker) #10

The next few years i will reinvest the rewards :money_mouth_face: Stock up more NEX to stake! :nex_logo:

(Ne Xtar) #11

Thats good way to to look at it. Especially once the Volume reaches a high, consistent level.

(Ne Xtar) #12

Reinvesting is the way to go unless crypto is on a steep downward trend of a bearish market.

(Peter) #13

I’d be reinvesting in income generating businesses with strong business models. Whether that is within crypto(security tokens) or traditional stocks, this would depend on a number of factors.

I’d also keep some cash on the sidelines and accumulate some bitcoin and some gold. Not too much as they are merely speculative assets.

(The Ron) #14

In the beginning, I am going to re-invest my staking rewards to my favourite coins/tokens, BTC, NEO, VET, ONT and CHX, because I want to increase my position in those.
Furthermore, it depends on the market, if in bear market, I think about re-investing in coins/tokens right away, if in bull market, it might be wiser to turn it into fiat and f.e. repay mortgate, or invest in something physical (art, real estate) or put away in stablecoin and wait for new bear market.

(Newst Het) #15

Will never invest again from salary. So …depends on the rewards some will draw to fiat and some will invest or trade.

(Nex Megalodon) #16

I think this is kinda smart :wink:

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(The Ron) #17

Haha thanks!

(Cryptonnyx) #18

BTC :crown:

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In the beginning, 2 words…compound interest. Once NEX has traction probably a 50/50 split in fiat/reinvesting :muscle:

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(FCC) #20

I like a lot the earn to give concept, will probably compound the first couple of years than contribute to things I am passionate about. Like health care and economic empowerment programs.