How Will You Help NEX Grow?

(Kelvin Fugara) #1

Dear Friends

This is another beautiful day given to us as NEX community. This is the Best community in my history with social media,its were I meet real people discussing things that really matter most.

For NEX to grow exponentially, the community has to grow, for the community to grow, each individual should grow, how does individual grow? is by acquiring the right information and understanding about the products and services offered by The Neon Exchange.

Now if each Individual( with the right information about NEX), spreads the information about NEX in their respective country/city, the growth will occur with massive trading volume.But we must first not think of volume unless we think of what we could do to make it happen.

Kindly share with us what you are willing to do, to make NEX be the number One Exchange in the world.

You are Welcome NEXERS

(Jump Around) #2

I will walk around like a movable billboard sporting NEX gear. In addition to encouraging online business to use the payment service

(Nex 4 Ever) #3

The most rewarding thing I can do is to learn and to teach - to experience and to serve. I already started to teach people in NEX Community Telegram Group to go beyond price only discussion. I am trying to promote and foster dialog that creates value for everyone and that hopefully will help the community become more mature and stronger. And for sure waiting for merchandising store to buy and wear goodies like T-Shirts.

(Len) #4

Unfortunately my gym bag already broke so can’t use that one anymore… But I’d say I’ll be good at promoting locally and talking about NEX and it’s features. And ofcourse rock the t-shirt try to find users as well on private level as business level.

And just as @NEX4EVER saids to go beyond price discussion and talk about the real value NEX will bring.

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(Kelvin Fugara) #5


(Typical Andorian) #6

Mostly look for opportunities to create code to further adoption based on ideas from the community, share tweets from the team, follow all the team members, follow NEX, talk about NEX on IRC and other social media platforms, update bots I use currently on other exchanges to support NEX api.